Huie-Hodge/Hodge-Hunt Documents

Documents Relating to Huie-Hodge, Hodge-Hunt, and Other Interests of O.E. Hodge and J.S. Hunt

Winnfield Newspaper Coverage of Sulphur Timber

American Lumberman Article (1909)

 Sale to Advance Bag (1927)

Income Tax Report on First National Bank (1929)

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Frances Hotel Newspaper Coverage (1931/32)

Belle Chasse Land Co. 1929 Sale Contract

Belle Chasse Land Co. 1931 Memos Re: Payments

Documents Specifically Relating to J.S. Hunt

J.S. Hunt Letters

Transcribed versions:

J.S. Hunt Finances:

Relevant Secondary Documents

Times Picayune feature on Ruston (1926) 

Where did you find these documents?

The Hodge-Hunt Digital Document Archive is a collection of newspapers (Ruston Daily Leader, Times Picayune, Southern Sentinel, et al.), trade association periodicals (Lumber Trade Journal, Southern Lumberman, American Lumberman) documents from the John Smoker Hunt Archive, and documents discovered by Nicholas Ducote in his research as Hunt Family Historian in 2012.  This Digital Document Archive is not designed to be a comprehensive repository of all documents pertaining to the interests of O.E. Hodge and J.S. Hunt, founders of the Hodge-Hunt Lumber Co., and many other ventures.  Rather, the Archive features a number of the most relevant pieces of their history.

What is the John Smoker Hunt Archive?

While researching Hunt and Davis family lumber interests, in 2013, Nicholas Ducote discovered a collection of legal documents in the office of Alexander T. Hunt, Jr.  These documents likely belonged to Lucky Smoker Hunt Bodie, John Smoker Hunt’s mother.  Lucy outlived John’s wife and assisted him with many of his matters of personal finance.  Currently, the documents are in the possession of Alexander T. (Trott) Hunt III, in Ruston, Louisiana.  Nearly all of the archive has been digitized and is available through this website.

For additional information about the Davis Brothers Digital Archive or HuntFamily, contact Nicholas Ducote .