1920 Moore to John S. Hunt, re: general business, health of Martha

1920 Moore to John S. Hunt, re: general business, health of Martha




Dear John,

[Yours] of 15th . Inclosed [sic]

find note with forty shares Ouachita Valley [Bank] stock attached, which is easy worth 250000. I gave 225000 for some & would have paid more. Original capital [50,000] surplus [50,000]. (send check less interest)

I certainly appreciate your helping me and just at this time as did not want to strain my bank credits too much. I am liquidating & in another year will be in good shape.

The prices and demand for our hickory is holding up fine. We are getting 10000 for spokes, 15000 for rims and 18500 & 20000 for buggy shafts which brings us an average price of 13800 our cost loaded on cars will not exceed 5000 (not including [stumpage]) but does include the loss in lumber scale over log scale, which is only about 20%. Your finished spokes should bring you good price.

I can’t help but feel that Miss Mattie will be greatly benefitted by the doctors in St. Louis and will be up and around in




the course of time. This would be the greatest blessing we could all have. When you all leave St. Louis be sure to come by Texarkana and make us a visit. Now be sure to do this, as it is the easiest way home and she will need a little rest as a break in her trip home. I will take a few days off & be with you. Was in Arkadelphia Sunday & saw Dale he is doing fine & looks better than in years. he has been straight as a string for more than two weeks & I believe he is going to be all right or much better any way. I tell you this because I know you will be glad to hear it.

[C] has been in the state of heaviest gloom from the horrible accident at El Dorado. It is heart [wrenching] to see & be in touch with the ones who have suffered such terrible loss.

Hope Stewart & his little family are getting along fine. Your young son Alex is certainly making a fine record & we are all proud of him. Now be sure to stop in Texarkana with us on your way home with Mattie. Let us know when to look for you.

Love to all.