1928 letter from J Boddie to Lucy Smoker Hunt Boddie

1928 letter from J Boddie to LSHB
Friday Morning, January 19th 1928


My Darling Wife,

I intended writing you yesterday, but was very busy and really for you it was Thursday, so [will] drop you a line [soon] in [refer] to your [dear] [favor] just received. So glad my dear Little Man enjoys his auto roadster and has [grown] behind the wheel. [Wealthy/Weather] [?] here, almost like [seasoning]. [?] the El Dorado [?] Co. will get out on some of this [?] [hard/hood] [?]. As to the old form you [redeem] legal statutes over 3 dozen in it, but am giving it to [Smoker].  I reserved [1/2] [interest] in it solely for you in all oil or minerals on it or for what it brings in all [?] for leaves for oil and minerals. So when we deed it to heirs you and he [will] [lease/sell] it on halves on oil and mineral. I will be out entirely. It is


Is about all I can or will give [her/his] [W---]. I may over [?] I fear is yours provided I don’t fail in [reasonable] time. As soon as I [free] up what I am [owning/using], [will] [f] giving you more and [can] [t---], and hope to have it to you before I die so then [?] for every [m---] settling up my estate. [Now] to settle it before I go to be sure you get it. For you must [have] my dear Little Man educated.

When [H---] gets her [?]. I will realize she has moved.

Love to all

[?] your husband,

John A. Boddie