1908 Majors to John S. Hunt, re: Estate

1908 Majors to John S. Hunt, re: Estate



Jan. 6, 1908

Dear [John]: I [enclose] you check for $2,13500, which will apply as follows: five hundred dollars ($500) to Alex, five hundred dollars ($500) to [Stewart], one thousand to you ($1,000) making total of 2000$. As to this $32000 interest, I’m [due you] makes total of $2,32000-deducting $18500 [interest] you are due. The Estate [?] [?] of $2,13500 as per [?] enclosed.

I also enclose note for [2000$] you are due the Estate. Please give me [?] on my not [releasing] of [?] $ of my [Hunt] stock and return to me. So I can [place] that [?] to [Francy].

After this transaction you will owe the Estate $1,00000 personally with interest paid to Dec. 24, 1907 and $5,00000 (Hodge&Hunt) due May 1st 1908 with interest for two years at 8%. I suppose this interest is correct. The note doesn’t show any interest paid at all, but I presume you have receipts showing what interest has been paid.

How are you getting on? Hope things will [offer] up O.K. We are beginning to see the first [light] of the new coming day. It has been night for some time.

The reason I do not arrange the [meeting] of [?] as we talked it over is



Estate to [John] A. Hunt                                             $100000

Estate to Alex Hunt                                                        50000

Estate to Stewart Hunt                                                   50000


Interest due by [Major]                                                   32000


Interest on [1000]$ note Dec 24-07-8%-8000

Interests on [2000]$ not Jan. 1st-08-@6%-10500            18500


Enclosed check-                                                             213500


because there may be some [industries] tax and I did not want to settle in full  with any [legalities] until all [?] [points] were settled. As to the interest on those payments I will arrange that in the final settlement. I judge you did not [???] how it was arranged just so you get as much as [2900]$ in cash. If this is not satisfactory let me know and I’ll make it so.

With best wishes [?]

Your friend

R. E. Majors

send love.

send me receipts for cash items [?] Estate