1926 J Boddie Will

1926 J Boddie Will


Monroe, Louisiana, December 30, 1926


I, John Rumph, Boddie, being of sound mind and body, and realizing the uncertainty of life, do, on this the thirtieth day of December, A.D., 1926, make and execute this my last will and testament, hereby declaring all other preceding wills null and void and of no effect.

First. I desire that all my just debts be paid.

Second. I will and bequeath to Albert B. Moore, Jr., my step grand-son, the Swiss watch, chain and locket that I am now wearing.

Third. The remainder of my estate of every nature and kind shall be divided as follows: One half to my beloved wife, Lucie Smoker Boddie; one fourth to my son George K.S. Boddie, and one fourth to my step grand-daughter Frances Major McHenry.

Fourth. I hereby name, constitute and appoint H.McHenry, husband of France Major McHenry, my sole executor, without bond and with full and immediate seizen of all of my property.

This will is wholly written, dated and signed by me, testator, on this thirtieth day of December, A.D., Nineteen Hundred and Twenty six at Monroe, Louisiana.

John Humph Boddie.