1924 JS Hunt Letter to Martha

1924 JS Hunt Letter to Martha


Oct 23-24

Dear Mattie

Do you know [?] [?] made over 5000 miles this month. I am [?] [?], found things going good all our [?] well. Saw Stewart today and he said his [?] was OK. Martha had stated her [husband] Otis has gone to his mother. She is [visiting] in Arkansas and is real sick. [?] [?] [?] her. It is still dry & dusty but real cold last night. [?] stayed home last night and we had bright [?] in the [?]. Sure did wish for [you/yours]. Looks like you [?] need [house] [?]. I have [?] missed you [each] you know as she grew older she [?] to at [?] don’t [?]. Hope you [went] to town. What did you buy? [?]



Sending you letter from [Baltimore] [?] of convenience. Hope you find what you [need] I know our house [?] be house like when you get the [?] in our room will be fine. It is going to [?] and the floor look nice. Well [?] I [given] the [price] [?] it. [?] if you could be [home] all the time. Hope your legs have [?] [?]. I think it [?] you [?] if you could get out [?]. [?] one hour or [?] [?] I [?] taken out 25000 dollars more life insurance for you and if anything happens to me you keep it don’t pay any of my debts. I [?] hour spent to do the [wash] the cash is yours & your [should] keep it. Good by I love you [?] hope your [?] the [?] [?] when you get this. From [love]