1929 Unknown to J.S. Hunt



Dear John,

I am enclosing [overall] note, also note from Uncle [?], the [only] money besides this note that I borrowed from Uncle [?] was the 100,000 I owed [?]. I have paid that off. After [?] was gone Uncle [?] wanted to [see] me paying that and getting rid of it. John this first year I suppose I had too much expense [as] a young man, things I had to buy. I didn’t do enough business. I only did 3,200,000 and the kind of business I do is not as much profit in it as some people have. My business [commits] so much on the [S--] [foundation]. I don’t mean that is all we do. I am going to try one more year and if I don’t —- [things], I am going


to work for the other [fellow] if I can get a job. If I didn’t work all [time] I could see why I didn’t make anything, but I am on the job most of the time. My interest of [?] is eating me up. The not saving for 10% was an oversight. I am glad you [can see my ambition] though. I pay the interest at the end of the year. John, I am going to try and [fight] hard to take up all of your notes this year. [S---] so good to hear about sister going around all of being up. I believe Mother’s prayers are being answered at last. I have stood at her little house at night before going in to tell her good night, and hear her pray for Sister to get well and I have felt all [t---] of [would]. God bless