John Smoker Hunt’s Personal Correspondence

  • 1908 Majors to J.S. Hunt, re: Estate – photo


Jan. 6, 1908

Dear [John]: I [enclose] you check for $2,13500, which will apply as follows: five hundred dollars ($500) to Alex, five hundred dollars ($500) to [Stewart], one thousand to you ($1,000) making total of 2000$. As to this $32000 interest, I’m [due you] makes total of $2,32000-deducting $18500 [interest] you are due. The Estate [?] [?] of $2,13500 as per [?] enclosed.

I also enclose note for [2000$] you are due the Estate. Please give me [?] on my not [releasing] of [?] $ of my [Hunt] stock and return to me. So I can [place] that [?] to [Francy].

After this transaction you will owe the Estate $1,00000 personally with interest paid to Dec. 24, 1907 and $5,00000 (Hodge&Hunt) due May 1st 1908 with interest for two years at 8%. I suppose this interest is correct. The note doesn’t show any interest paid at all, but I presume you have receipts showing what interest has been paid.

How are you getting on? Hope things will [offer] up O.K. We are beginning to see the first [light] of the new coming day. It has been night for some time.

The reason I do not arrange the [meeting] of [?] as we talked it over is



Estate to [John] A. Hunt                                             $100000

Estate to Alex Hunt                                                        50000

Estate to Stewart Hunt                                                   50000


Interest due by [Major]                                                   32000


Interest on [1000]$ note Dec 24-07-8%-8000

Interests on [2000]$ not Jan. 1st-08-@6%-10500            18500


Enclosed check-                                                             213500


because there may be some [industries] tax and I did not want to settle in full  with any [legalities] until all [?] [points] were settled. As to the interest on those payments I will arrange that in the final settlement. I judge you did not [???] how it was arranged just so you get as much as [2900]$ in cash. If this is not satisfactory let me know and I’ll make it so.

With best wishes [?]

Your friend

R. E. Majors

send love.

send me receipts for cash items [?] Estate


  • 1920 Moore to J.S. Hunt, re: general business, health of Martha – photo


Dear John,

[Yours] of 15th . Inclosed [sic]

find note with forty shares Ouachita Valley [Bank] stock attached, which is easy worth 250000. I gave 225000 for some & would have paid more. Original capital [50,000] surplus [50,000]. (send check less interest)

I certainly appreciate your helping me and just at this time as did not want to strain my bank credits too much. I am liquidating & in another year will be in good shape.

The prices and demand for our hickory is holding up fine. We are getting 10000 for spokes, 15000 for rims and 18500 & 20000 for buggy shafts which brings us an average price of 13800 our cost loaded on cars will not exceed 5000 (not including [stumpage]) but does include the loss in lumber scale over log scale, which is only about 20%. Your finished spokes should bring you good price.

I can’t help but feel that Miss Mattie will be greatly benefitted by the doctors in St. Louis and will be up and around in




the course of time. This would be the greatest blessing we could all have. When you all leave St. Louis be sure to come by Texarkana and make us a visit. Now be sure to do this, as it is the easiest way home and she will need a little rest as a break in her trip home. I will take a few days off & be with you. Was in Arkadelphia Sunday & saw Dale he is doing fine & looks better than in years. he has been straight as a string for more than two weeks & I believe he is going to be all right or much better any way. I tell you this because I know you will be glad to hear it.

[C] has been in the state of heaviest gloom from the horrible accident at El Dorado. It is heart [wrenching] to see & be in touch with the ones who have suffered such terrible loss.

Hope Stewart & his little family are getting along fine. Your young son Alex is certainly making a fine record & we are all proud of him. Now be sure to stop in Texarkana with us on your way home with Mattie. Let us know when to look for you.

Love to all.



  • 1924 J.S. Hunt  to Martha – photo

Oct 23-24

Dear Mattie

Do you know [?] [?] made over 5000 miles this month. I am [?] [?], found things going good all our [?] well. Saw Stewart today and he said his [?] was OK. Martha had stated her [husband] Otis has gone to his mother. She is [visiting] in Arkansas and is real sick. [?] [?] [?] her. It is still dry & dusty but real cold last night. [?] stayed home last night and we had bright [?] in the [?]. Sure did wish for [you/yours]. Looks like you [?] need [house] [?]. I have [?] missed you [each] you know as she grew older she [?] to at [?] don’t [?]. Hope you [went] to town. What did you buy? [?]



Sending you letter from [Baltimore] [?] of convenience. Hope you find what you [need] I know our house [?] be house like when you get the [?] in our room will be fine. It is going to [?] and the floor look nice. Well [?] I [given] the [price] [?] it. [?] if you could be [home] all the time. Hope your legs have [?] [?]. I think it [?] you [?] if you could get out [?]. [?] one hour or [?] [?] I [?] taken out 25000 dollars more life insurance for you and if anything happens to me you keep it don’t pay any of my debts. I [?] hour spent to do the [wash] the cash is yours & your [should] keep it. Good by I love you [?] hope your [?] the [?] [?] when you get this. From [love]


  • 1926 J.R. Boddie Will - photo

1926 J Boddie Will


Monroe, Louisiana, December 30, 1926


I, John Rumph, Boddie, being of sound mind and body, and realizing the uncertainty of life, do, on this the thirtieth day of December, A.D., 1926, make and execute this my last will and testament, hereby declaring all other preceding wills null and void and of no effect.

First. I desire that all my just debts be paid.

Second. I will and bequeath to Albert B. Moore, Jr., my step grand-son, the Swiss watch, chain and locket that I am now wearing.

            Third. The remainder of my estate of every nature and kind shall be divided as follows: One half to my beloved wife, Lucie Smoker Boddie; one fourth to my son George K.S. Boddie, and one fourth to my step grand-daughter Frances Major McHenry.

Fourth. I hereby name, constitute and appoint H.McHenry, husband of France Major McHenry, my sole executor, without bond and with full and immediate seizen of all of my property.

This will is wholly written, dated and signed by me, testator, on this thirtieth day of December, A.D., Nineteen Hundred and Twenty six at Monroe, Louisiana.

John Rumph Boddie.

  • 1928 J Boddie to Lucy (Smoker Hunt) Boddie - photo

Friday Morning, January 19th 1928


My Darling Wife,

I intended writing you yesterday, but was very busy and really for you it was Thursday, so [will] drop you a line [soon] in [refer] to your [dear] [favor] just received. So glad my dear Little Man enjoys his auto roadster and has [grown] behind the wheel. [Wealthy/Weather] [?] here, almost like [seasoning]. [?] the El Dorado [?] Co. will get out on some of this [?] [hard/hood] [?]. As to the old form you [redeem] legal statutes over 3 dozen in it, but am giving it to [Smoker].  I reserved [1/2] [interest] in it solely for you in all oil or minerals on it or for what it brings in all [?] for leaves for oil and minerals. So when we deed it to heirs you and he [will] [lease/sell] it on halves on oil and mineral. I will be out entirely. It is


Is about all I can or will give [her/his] [W---]. I may over [?] I fear is yours provided I don’t fail in [reasonable] time. As soon as I [free] up what I am [owning/using], [will] [f] giving you more and [can] [t---], and hope to have it to you before I die so then [?] for every [m---] settling up my estate. [Now] to settle it before I go to be sure you get it. For you must [have] my dear Little Man educated.

When [H---] gets her [?]. I will realize she has moved.

Love to all

[?] your husband,

John R. Boddie

  • 1929 A.B. Moore to J.S. Hunt - photo



Dear John,

I am enclosing [overall] note, also note from Uncle [?], the [only] money besides this note that I borrowed from Uncle [?] was the 100,000 I owed [?]. I have paid that off. After [?] was gone Uncle [?] wanted to [see] me paying that and getting rid of it. John this first year I suppose I had too much expense [as] a young man, things I had to buy. I didn’t do enough business. I only did 3,200,000 and the kind of business I do is not as much profit in it as some people have. My business [commits] so much on the [S--] [foundation]. I don’t mean that is all we do. I am going to try one more year and if I don’t —- [things], I am going


to work for the other [fellow] if I can get a job. If I didn’t work all [time] I could see why I didn’t make anything, but I am on the job most of the time. My interest of [?] is eating me up. The not saving for 10% was an oversight. I am glad you [can see my ambition] though. I pay the interest at the end of the year. John, I am going to try and [fight] hard to take up all of your notes this year. [S---] so good to hear about sister going around all of being up. I believe Mother’s prayers are being answered at last. I have stood at her little house at night before going in to tell her good night, and hear her pray for Sister to get well and I have felt all [t---] of [would]. God bless

  • 1929 A.B. Moore to J.S. Hunt, re: Sale of Hodge-Hunt to Advance - photo

1929 A.B. Moore to J.S. Hunt, re: Sale of Hodge-Hunt to Advance

Mch 30th 1929

Dear John,

Inclosed find note of 550000 to [Mr. J. P Lester] of Stephens, Ark. Also find letter to Hodge Hunt Lbr Co. authorizing the transfer of my Advance Bag & Paper Co’s preferred stock to you. Thought possibly this would be the best way to handle the transfer.


I do hope Mr. Evans will buy the stock little later on and you may make the deal with him. Would like to get [par], but if you think best would discuss it a little.

Will have little more than 50% oak in this timber [am] estimating, and think can ship enough of 2” wagon oak, this fall to pay Mr. Lester possibly 150000 or maybe little more on this note.

Am going to take out a short term insurance policy for 12,00000 in case anything might happen to me during the cutting of this timber, and if see [f--] can drop it another year. Am going to do this in order to be safe.

John, I can never tell you how much I appreciate what you are doing for me.



Mch. 30th 1929

Hodge Hunt Lbr Co.

Hodge, La.


This is your authority to transfer my preferred stock of the Advance Bag and Paper Co., amount to $900000 to J S Hunt, for value received.

Yours very truly,

A B Moore